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this was atrap

a trap that’s been set for a very long time.

It isnt just me and it isn’t just this house.

I’ve been trying to post this for hours. The wifi keep sgoing down. Only when I’m trying to post, though, anything ekse, and the internet is fine. I hope this takes.

Someone emailed me, asking about their friend Alex Alvirez, wondering if I’d ever heard of them. They claim taht this person was exploring a ghost town similar to the one I had previously investigated in my story, Attics Vs Basements. Apparently, the;y haven't heard from Alex in 2 weeks

And then I found the link to this:

it’s a youtube channel called RileysReactions. It seemed likea really basic chanell, made by some influenser wannabe, so i almost closed the window. But then i saw “BOnnidale” in the title of one fo the vidoes. ANd then another. SHe has a whole series on it, bt it’s not... i can’t explain it, it’s not a house. It’s not about this house.

I didn;t even see how the neighbour hood is connected, but then i kept watching. I’ve just been watching all the videos on her channel on loop and my stomach just keeps sinking and sinking and

And now im really scared/ cause

the more i watch of her, Riley, the more I’m sure that she’s Monica.

Or, Monica IS RIley. I don;t know. I don;t know who’s fake. But the way she talks, the way she writes her titles and her does her intros—this is Monica.

and i can’t find anything on Riley after her last video, which was months ago.

i hope thi spost goes throug

i hope this port goes thorugh

if youre out there, if you see this, if you find this, if you can read it please pleas eplease get help

please the address is: Δ Δ▲▼▲Δ▴▼ ▼▲Δ▴▲

Δ▼▲▴▼Δ ▴▲

▴▲▼ -


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