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Hey Fright Fam!

This post might not be as peppy as per usual, seeing as I have not been able to get a decent nights sleep in this place since I moved in, but I wanted to post a little update about what's happening vis-à-vis the house.

At this point I'm 93% sure something is going on. Either this house is haunted, or I am cursed by some sort of light-hating demon. I used to love nighttime, but as the days go by, I have found that I am now afraid of the dark, and the things that lurk in it.

I've been trying desperately to get a hold of the utility company, or the realtor, or really ANYONE, to no avail. My friend Monica said they're probably just busy, but I wonder if they might be intentionally avoiding me. Every time I try to call someone, I hear it ring, and then silence, as if someone picked up, and is just listening to me. I know, I'm probably just paranoid, but I could swear I heard someone breathing on the other end.

At this point I'm wondering if I should give up on the utility company, and call an exorcist instead.

In some good news, I noticed some activity in the Forum today! It's not exactly what I was expecting, but I'm glad people are taking an interest in this new feature of the site. I defs recommend checking it out, and leave any questions(or clues...) about your own mysteries!!

Happy Hunting!


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