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“Another week, another shriek…”

This is an actual tagline that was pitched to me for this blog. I love what you nerds come up with.

Marry me.

This catchphrase comes courtesy of Comments Queen and real-life friend, Monica (shoutout Monica), who is also deserving of an internet round of applause for bringing this entry’s adventure to me (and thus, to you, dear reader).

After a bit of a dry spell in investigations, and nearly seven months since the last time I actually stayed in an accused haunted house, I’m very happy to announce that I am coming to you, basically live, from what you might call, an Indie Haunted House. “Say what”, you say?

Two weeks ago, I got this email from Monica:

Hey Fright Addict 😉!

What’s up!? Saw this link and thought of you: (Apparently, it’s an actual haunted house in Calgary and it’s just FOR SALE. WHUT!)

WOuldn’t it be cool to actually stay here???


Monica (always signs off with YGM=Your Girl Monica) came through with not only the link, but also it turns out she knows the realtor, or, the realtor’s brother or something, and was able to get me an in.

“What do you mean by an ‘in’, Jess?”

I’m glad you asked. What I mean is:


Yes, dear reader, that's right. The very first haunted house I will be investigating throughout my brand new blog, will be MINE! *Evil laugh.*

It’s a 3 bedroom/2 bath house, built in 1960, renovated 1987, and then again in 2009. Non-descript basement with laundry room, bathroom, and hallway. One closet. And it’s allegedly home to all kinds of bumps in the night. According to the realtors, there is tons of random things that people just LEFT in the house, and nobody knows why. Rumor has it, everyone who lived there got so scared, they got out in a HURRY. That's not even the end of it. Every time the realtors try to get rid of this junk, something really bad happens. I'm talking people going missing, bad. So, eventually they just gave up on clearing it out, and decided they would only sell the house "as is." And that is all I know about it, and I plan to keep it that way.

There are no articles about it, no documentaries, and no episode of Creepy Canada. It’s off the ghost grid. It’s an undiscovered spectral superstar.

Monica started to DM me some of the stories she’d heard about it, but I quickly asked her to SHHH! How often do I get the chance to walk into a potential paranormal property and not have the experience clouded by expectation? All you #YeahRightAddicts who always comment on my “self-fulfilling prophecies” can officially go stuff it on this one.

The neighbourhood itself, which is in a little subdivision called Bonnidale, is actually kind of a hidden gem. According to what records I could dig up, there is virtually *no* history of break-ins, vandalism, noise, or anything like that. Really quiet street.

Below you'll find a quick behind-the-scenes sneak peak of my brand spanking new (haunted) house. Stay tuned for more updates.

Bring it on. New week. New shriek.

Happy Hunting.


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