• Jess MacNeil

I'm Starting to Crack

Something is happening in this house.

On one hand, I'm excited. I mean, I had a LEGIT SPOOKY FIND. I'm not saying I've NEVER come across anything like this before, but I'm not, NOT saying it. And it happens to be a journal. A JOURNAL ABOUT THIS HOUSE. The writing is messy, and it looks like there is another language written all over it. I'll look into some different alphabets to see if I can translate it. I tried googling the authors name, Jordan Torrance, but nothing came up. Guess I have my work cut out for me.

But I'm finding it hard to celebrate. For one thing, I feel like I haven't slept in years. Every now and again I wake up without remembering when I went to bed, and I still feel exhausted. Not to mention the fact that for a week now I have constantly been hearing this ominous noise. This low, cracking noise, like icebergs breaking apart. It has been following me like a ghost, and I still don't know where it's coming from.

There is something else. Someone else. For a while I have felt like someone has been watching me. I think tonight I confirmed it. See for yourself.

I made this video tonight. MAYBE an hour before this post. I don't know what's going on anymore. This shit is getting ridiculous, and frankly if this is someone's ideA of a joke, than you're a sick bastard. I will figure out what is going on, I swear.

Happy Hunting



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