• Jess MacNeil

Opening The Basement Door

Okay, everyone. Here it is. The first post of the new site. Isn't it PRETTY?!

Here's the thing. I loved Fright Addicts, I really did. We built this awesome community of supernatural enthusiasts, and I know some of you are giving me heck over changing the website, but honestly? I just felt really lost. It was like every Fright Addict adventure was just a dud. I'm a ghost hunter and I'm not even sure if I've had a real ghost encounter. Some ghost hunter, amiright?! I needed a change. SO! Brand new website!

I know a new blog isn't going to fix everything. BUT. There may be something more to this creativity renewal, because as soon as the blog was shaping up, something really, REALLY exciting happened.

But you'll just have to wait to find that out * insert kissy face emoji here.*

Happy Hunting,


#FrightAddict #TheBSMTDoor

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