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Hey Fright Fam,

There's not a whole lot to report right now. I heard a strange cracking noise sporadically all night, sounded sort of like ice cubes cracking. Can’t see what it might be, but it’s stopped now. Other than that, I haven't seen anything out of the ordinary lately, Which is honestly a huge relief after the whole issue with the lights. Speaking of, I'm still having difficulties turning them on, but they have stopped turning off unexpectedly. Going to check the basement after breakfast.

I still haven't been able to sleep. I have this feeling like I'm not alone in here. However, the only odd thing I have come across lately is this:

I got this as a suggested video, three days in a row. Everywhere I looked, it popped up, as though it was following me.

I'm wondering if someone is messing with me on purpose. It just seems... Odd? All of these things started happening as soon as I bought this house in Bonnidale.

Whatever. I guess all I can do is keep looking for any information that might help. In the mean time, here is the second tape from the cassette I found. It might just be me, but this one seems creepier than the last.

Happy Hunting.


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