• Jess MacNeil


I am the squirrel. ANd somebody has their boot on my head and they’re pressing down.

I tried to leave

It wont let me leave

I didnt even pack. I just took my laptop and my purse and got into the car after uploading my post. I started the car, I put on my seatbelt, I turned left out of the driveway, and I got the fuck out of Bonnidale.

Except I didnt. I kept driving and I kept turning and I thought i was going back the way i came just a couple days ago, but i kept ending up Δback on this street. The gps on my phone would work until everytime I turned or tried to re-route, and then it would kind of, like, reset or something. I got lost. So I kept driving.

ANd I ended up back in the driveway. And my gas tank is almost entirely empty, but I couldn’t have been driving for that long.

SO i went back inside the house. ҉

I had to tell someone what happened so i wanted to post this. But now m6 ay my autocorrect is turned off somehow??? and I feel... sloppy. Like, when you get a new laptop and the keys are all in slightly diffenremt spots and it takes yu a few dayst to get used ot it? But I keep going back to fix my mistakes and they don;t stay fixed; they autocrrect back. Even parts of the blog atre starting to glitch. Maybe itsa computer virus??

No one’s answering my texts and when i try o call, no body is answering their phone. My mom is not answering her phone my dad is not answering his phone, so i left voicemails with the address and for them to come to pick me up asap.

I put the journal down on my dsek and when i came back it was open to a page that said this:

BreAdcrumbs. like in Hansel and Gretel. Lost in the woods, and they find a witches house. Is thiS and witches house>?

It looks like my handwriting, but I don;t remember writing it down.

I’m really scared and i didn’t know hwta to do,, so I called the cops.

But the voice... guys the voice on the other end of the line.. i swear to God, I swear it doesn’t make sense but it was the realtor.

There was a weird pause when i dialled, like the same as with the lights, there was a pause, a pause, and then I heard a click and the ring... when it finally rang, I feel like it didn’t sound like a phone. But what was fucked is; it sounded really close to sounding like a phone. The voice said “Calgary police services” but it was him. I know it was. Nowthat i Think about it, he sounded a lot like the guy from the energy compnay, the one I called to fix the lights.

I hung up.

I think I have o stay another night.

HhΔppy huNting



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