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I woke up constantly throughout the night. Horrible dreams. Fading now, but I can remember having this phrase fixed in my mind, being terrified of it, and saying to myself, “aloneliness”, over and over again. Sore throat. Like I was talking at a party all night. Definitely no party. I'm too afraid to speak out loud.

The video. Duh. I made a video for you guys. Yeah. I feel like no one’s called me or texted me in…? No, that’s not right. I talked to the real estate company. I talked to Monica too, I guess.

I don't remember last night very well. Did I lock the door before I went to sleep? I don't even remember climbing in my bed.

I was starving when I woke up, so I pulled one of the meals out of the fridge that I’d made earlier. Looks like it’s more than just the lights that are on the fritz, I think the fridge is running at low power or something. There’s a smell I didn’t notice before, like something rotted and it never got cleaned up all the way. I took a bite of the salad and spat it out. Sour. It tasted like it… soured.

Why did I buy this house?

During some of the meal prep for the rest of my time here, I started to think about the name “Bonnidale” –the name of the suburb. Now, in Jordan Torrance’s journal, he seems to refer to the house itself as both Bonnidale and “the house”, which is confusing.

I started to wonder if it was a play on words. Maybe French? Bonnidale. Bonn-like Bonne? Like as in “good”? Bonn˔idale, “Bonne-idéale/Bon-idéal ” = Good…ideal? I mean, I guess that just fits the neighbourhood. Quiet. Ideal. Good. Or maybe it’s “Bonne-D’ail”, like Good… Garlic. ? OK.

The book itself looks pretty beaten up. Lot's of things that have been scribbled over with black ink, or written over, in this crazed way that only unhinged people can do.

I still don't know what the symbols are, but I think Jordan was trying to warn people of something. There is a lot of weird stuff in here, but the part that is most unsettling, is how familiar it all seems.

The more I see these black triangles, the more I am beginning to think that none of this is a coincidence. The lights, the weird videos, the cracking noise, or the strange messages. This is a spiderweb. And I bet there is a big, venomous arachnid watching me with it's millions of eyes.


Since the nightmares kept me tossing and turning all night, I’m going to sleep again right after posting this update. Even as I’m typing though, I can hear that cracking noise again. I keep getting up and walking over to different parts of the house, trying to listen for it. Maybe it's a fly, breaking free of a spiderweb.

Happy Hunting



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