• Jess MacNeil


Afraid of te dark, afraid of the house I went back to my spot my the living room window.

I closed my eyes. I wanted to absorb as much sunlight as possible before it gets dark again.

I don’t want to be here when its dark again Δbut the suns already going away. Isn’t it too early for the sun to set?


As the shadows get longer, i try to inch away from them, but I’m running out of daylight and I can’t trust the lights in the house. I’ve switched all of them on, Δbut i have to keep goig around the house and checking because they keep turninfg off when Im not there. 44

I keep thinking of hte squirrel. this is a trap for me. is this punishment???

Δbecause i don’t believe in ghosts. Haunted houses aren’t real. I think people who commune with spirirts are all of my cases are made up.

I did go to Brighton but I never met a preist. I never went into his house and had my equiptment melted. He didn’t give me any of his preserves as athank you—I went to a gift shop and bought jam then tore the labels off.

Sometimes i hire friends to plant things in houses i stay at and not tell me so that i’ll have a genuine reaction to them.

sometimes i make fake accounts and write comments on my own posts.

i’m going to upload this right away . i hope that putting it on the interent will absolve me. ive confessed. Ive come clean. SOme come save me,



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