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Remember earlier when I said I didn't have anything to report? I was wrong.

I finally saw another human person in the neighbourhood. I was taking the garbage out and saw somebody at the other end of the alley. At first I thought they were with a kid, it looked like they were crouched down talking to someone, but I realized they were alone. I couldn’t really make out what they looked like, but I could see they were talking. Kind of exaggerated too, like their mouth was making huge words. Looking at me though, the whole time. Which is fuckin’ weird, right?

I waved, cause I didn’t really know what else to do, and they just started laughing.

Sooooo I went inside to grab my camera, hoping to try to interview Local Probable Serial Killer, but when I came out again, they were gone. I got back to the house and there’s another note taped to the door. You ready for this?

I could be wrong, but this looks a lot like the writing on the other notes I found. I'm pretty sure it's the same paper, too.

I think I liked the neighbourhood better when it was quiet and I didn’t see anybody.

I’ve had a headache threatening to start all day. I’m gonna nap before dinner to try to head it off.

But first, I’m going to lock the doors.

Happy Hunting.


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