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I've opened up the vault to bring back some of your favourite haunted stories.
Who knows what may have crawled out...

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The Ranchlands Hum

April, 2017

For this investigation, I was a whopping 13 km away from my house, haha! We’ve come so far, Fright Fam. I’m so blessed to explore the way I do. It’s also my longest entry, cause it was back when I thought EVERYTHING was significant.

Why are houses haunted at all?     ▲

December, 2017

This entry was very very special to my heart, as I had the chance to visit my first overseas
haunted house! 

Attics VS. Basements

June, 2019

It’s short, but I loved the debate sparked in the comments by this one. Maybe eventually the new site will have a forums we can bring the discussion to.